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Glen Innes Store

148 - 150 Wentworth Street

My charming home town, where Bourke Street Vintage evolved from a hobby to a business, and is now a destination and a tourist attraction. Glen Innes is my place, where my family have lived generations before me. Where the weather can change so quickly where you can see all four seasons in one day.

The Glen Innes store is an old vintage building brought to life with a splash of my signature teal paint (my favourite colour) and our mascot Percy the taxidermy peacock. It's an old character-filled building that needs some work and is a bit of a rabbit warren. Add an eclectic mix of some beautiful furniture and Bourke Street Vintage was born.


Where customers become friends, and locals still say "but it's in Wentworth Street". Bourke Street Vintage Glen Innes is unique and that's what makes it special.

Glen Innes Store Bourke Street Vintage
Glen Innes Store

How does the selling of items work?

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I purchase one-off unique items from all over the world. Unique and original pieces that you may never see another - that is what I seek out. I like to turn pieces over and keep my shops fresh and exciting. If you see something you like, don’t wait as someone else will swoop in. My customers have learnt see it, love it buy it.


Items are on display in the Glen Innes store, advertised on both Facebook and Instagram as well as here on the website. If an item is purchased it can be picked up from the store. If required we can post or organise delivery of items at an extra charge all over Australia.


Payment can be made through the website, EFT in-store, or credit card over the phone. We also have ZIP pay.

We do not hold items. Our furniture and Bric-à-Brac range are usually one-off items and you may never see another, so if you like it don’t wait. Items sell really quickly especially through social media, and my customers know they move quickly and are well priced. The shop has good traffic flow and my customers call in weekly to see what is new.

If you have any questions use the number below to contact Rachel.

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